Selling for Top Dollar FAST



Sioux Falls Real Estate is HOT! However, moving still has as much stress as losing a close family member or losing a job. Finding ways to get your house in tip top shape when selling, so the sale is as quick and pain free is ideal. Everyone wants to get top dollar on their home investment when selling.

Your realtor knows best! Working with a reputable realtor who will inform you of the good, bad and the ugly when looking at your home is best. Knowing what your potential buyers are looking for is important and if you need to make changes to meet the criteria you need to know!

Here are some ways to ensure you get top dollar for your home:

Spend the money to have it professionally cleaned, carpets, windows, etc. The nooks and crannies you forget collect dust could turn potential buyers off of your home or lower their offer based on the cleanliness of the home.

Declutter: Don’t wait to pack up until you are ready to move. Showing your home without all the clutter of a ‘lived in’ home can make your home feel smaller. To make your home feel as large and spacious as possible remove excess clutter from your home. Do not just stick it in the basement or garage either, you should rent a storage unit so even those two spaces in your home are open and clear from clutter to show how spacious they are as well!

Boarding: If you have pets board them whenever possible or have them stay with a family or friend while you sell your home. People can be turned off by sight, sound and smell of pets. While they are part of your family, they might cause buyers to offer less than your asking price.

Stage it! For heavens sake pay to have your home staged! Professional staging companies can use your existing décor and furniture but organize in a way that will be most appealing to the masses.

Include a home warranty on the home. This will help potential buyers feel that with a warranty they are buying something that was well maintained and that they do not have to worry about repairs or replacing home appliances during their first year as homeowners.

Don’t just do ONE of these things, do ALL of these things. Houses are flying off the market, but only if they are WHAT buyers are looking for. If you have a home that has been on the market for awhile consider taking it off the market starting fresh and having all of these things done. It will help ensure your home sells for top dollar and fast!